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Meghan Maslow Author

As the Raven Flies (AUDIO)

As the Raven Flies (AUDIO)

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Even though you’re just a bird, I accept you as my mate.”

I, Abraham Williams, raven shifter extraordinaire, am not impressed. Not with the pronouncement. Not with the fated mates fairy tale. And most definitely not with sinfully sexy Michael Kashto, the arrogant dire wolf shifter in the thousand dollar suit.

I’ve got no time for guys who look down their noses at me or think I should be grateful for scraps. I’ve come a long way from an unwanted, scared kid to a man I can be proud of and others depend on.

When I took this job protecting a friend, I knew it would be dangerous. Accepted the risk. Only I didn’t expect the assault to target my heart instead of my body. And fellow bodyguard Michael Kashto takes no prisoners.

Forced proximity has never been so forced.

As the Raven Flies is a 30k forced proximity, fated mates, standalone romance set in the Charm City Chronicles world with a guaranteed happy ending. Shenanigans include: a raven just trying to do his freaking job, a dire wolf with a lot of groveling to do, a sweet ghost, a trigger-happy boss, and a slightly unhealthy love of Led Zeppelin.


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Customer Reviews

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Amy Matosky
I love this series

Oh Michael. Way to shove your foot in your mouth! Abe is worthy of all the love and devotion and he deserves the best. He certainly doesn’t deserve Michael’s distaste. They have to work together though. In true Meghan Maslow fashion and in the world of Charm City Chronicles, shenanigans are going to happen. The question is how do these two work out their differences to actually accept the mating bond? This story is fun and fits right in with the rest of these books. And let’s not forget Greg Boudreaux’s fabulous narration skills. He really brings these characters to life!

David Kruth
A good short story, quality audiobook

As the Raven Flies is a novella that first appeared in the anthology Fated Mates (2023). It follows the tumultuous relationship of Michael (dire wolf shifter) and Abraham (raven shifter) as they work as bodyguards for their friend Kennedy.

There are lots of cute and interesting side characters in this including a child ghost and some of the children from the raven clan. Kennedy is dealing with many attempts on her life so there is plenty of suspense as well. It's a good, short read.

This has great narration, so it was easy to immerse myself in the story.

Doreen Slaughter
Loved listening to Abe and Michael!

It was a treat to read more in the Charm City series, this time we get fated mates Abe, a bodyguard assigned to Kennedy (feisty as ever), and Michael.
Abe is not pleased about the whole 'fated mate', especially as he and Michael do NOT get along! Ms Maslow weaves an entertaining story of these 2 working together against enemies and towards a relationship (however reluctantly, at first, lol!). It was great to see The othe characters from previous books as part of their found family dynamic.
Of course if Greg Boudreaux is performing, you're in for an excellent time! There is no bad performance from him. Loved the narration!
Excellent way to enjoy the book!

As the raven flies to

Thank you for the ACX, I voluntarily give it an honest review. Hearing Greg Boudreaux has this story coming alive is just a happy magical bonus. Abraham is one mad little raven, especially when a high handed pompous wolf comes along claiming fate and mate..yuck! Michael watching Abe and Kennedy had his hackles up this is one birdie that is going to go down hilariously… only it's not as well planned attack when a new supposed mate shimmies in.