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Meghan Maslow Author

As the Raven Flies (AUDIO)

As the Raven Flies (AUDIO)

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Even though you’re just a bird, I accept you as my mate.”

I, Abraham Williams, raven shifter extraordinaire, am not impressed. Not with the pronouncement. Not with the fated mates fairy tale. And most definitely not with sinfully sexy Michael Kashto, the arrogant dire wolf shifter in the thousand dollar suit.

I’ve got no time for guys who look down their noses at me or think I should be grateful for scraps. I’ve come a long way from an unwanted, scared kid to a man I can be proud of and others depend on.

When I took this job protecting a friend, I knew it would be dangerous. Accepted the risk. Only I didn’t expect the assault to target my heart instead of my body. And fellow bodyguard Michael Kashto takes no prisoners.

Forced proximity has never been so forced.

As the Raven Flies is a 30k forced proximity, fated mates, standalone romance set in the Charm City Chronicles world with a guaranteed happy ending. Shenanigans include: a raven just trying to do his freaking job, a dire wolf with a lot of groveling to do, a sweet ghost, a trigger-happy boss, and a slightly unhealthy love of Led Zeppelin.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janet Hunt
Fantastic addition to the series!

As the Raven Flies is a fantastic addition to the Charm City Chronicles! I’m a huge fan of this series! To be clear, you’ll get a better understanding of the world if you have read Demon is in the Details and A Cat’s Chance in Hell first. Abe is a raven shifter and one of Poe’s betas. He meets his mate in Michael. Michael is a dire wolf shifter and one of Tommy’s bodyguards. Michael is arrogant and Abe stubborn. Abe being a raven shifter who doesn't have fated mates tries to deny although he feels the pull. This was a fantastic story that just flowed. I listened to the audio version and Greg Boudreaux was spot on in his narrative!

parul leslie
Enjoyed it

I devoured this audiobook so freaking fast. Absolutely loved it! The narrator was amazing and did an incredible job bringing the characters to life.

I really enjoyed it

As I listened to this book, things seemed very familiar, but it wasn’t until the middle that it clicked - this was first published in the Fated Mates Charity Anthology! I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it this time as well. Greg Boudreaux did a fantastic job with Abe’s voice. It is a very fast paced book and I enjoyed seeing Michael woo Abe. I really enjoy this world!

Belinda Zamora
Shenanigans abound

The is an audio review.

Arrogant Michael and proud Abe do not get off on the best foot possible.
Michael literally lets Abe know that even though hhe's "just a bird" he still accepts him as his mate.
How very magnanimous of him, is Abe's thought.
He won't ever be demeaned again and Michael can stuff this "fated mates" business
because ravens don't do that.
Slowly Michael softens towards Abe and does a decent amount of groveling.
There's also a sub plot concerning Kennedy who's just come into power and someone is trying very hard to get rid of her.
Some raven teens also decide to get themselves in trouble and Abe and Michael have to tear through the city to rescue them.
Lots of fast paced action, danger and drama.
Greg Boudreaux did an amazing job narrating and bringing these characters to life.

Prue Williams
An amazng addition to the series

I’m a massive fan of Meghan’s Charm City Chronicles, and book 1, Demon’s in the Details remains one of my favourite audios, if not my most favourite! So to read this novella was a no brainer, I was so excited to read it and I was not disappointed!!! I was over the moon that it was a long novella; Meghan Maslow is quite open about her inability to not blow out a word count - and I love it!

As The Raven Flies is a story about Poe’s beta raven Abe, and Tommy’s bodyguard and dire wolf shifter, Michael, both on loan as bodyguards to Kennedy who has just taken over as Roger of Central Baltimore. The story takes place after A Cat’s Chance in Hell. At first, Michael is just as arrogant as he appeared in Demon’s in the Details, but he starts to show a softer centre after Abe’s constant battering of his defences, I mean he’s still arrogant, but you get to see the sweet side of him too.

I really don’t want to spoil anything, but the story is an excellent addition to the Charm City books with all the signature snark, humour and romance you’d expect. It’s also action packed, and I really didn’t want it to end!

It can be read as a standalone, but you might also find yourself a bit lost as the story just takes off from the end of book 2 with not a lot of background. Enough is explained that you could probably catch on, but I HIGHLY recommend you read at least book 1 (Demon’s in the Details). Although this series is so amazing I dare you to stick to just the first book.

Now for the audio, all three books are *chef’s kiss* with Greg Boudreaux doing his usual amazing job bringing the entire cast to life. Greg's amazing in all of them, and I am always floored that he is able to produce Bengal's voice, it's just so different to the the others... but I digress, one of the standouts in As the Rave Flies is Abe's voice. I guess I never paid a lot of attention to Abe before because he was always in the background. But now that he's front and centre? Greg's voice for him is perfect, it's so easy to picture him, just from his voice alone. It's perfect!

Reading or listening, this series is a must, and As the Raven Flies, is the perfect novella to fit into the series. I cannot wait for the next book!!!

I really really recommend starting from the beginning, and if you've already enjoyed books 1 and 2, you'll LOVE this novella!