Much Ado about Demons series

Incubi may be lust demons but they need love, too. Even if they’re not always sure they’re ready for it. Adventures, falling in love, and talented tails abound.

Mystery Short *Prequel to Must Love Demons * No Romance

Incubus Nicodemos Azertiran is one lucky demon. He has a best friend. A tiny but livable apartment. And a job at the infamous Marden’s Magic Emporium, a magic shop thatonly appears in the same place once, and only when a creature is in dire need

 Nico knows all about dire need.

 He’s been booted from his legion because his magic runs to happily-ever-afters instead of one-night stands. Not good for lust demon business. Now at Marden’s, Nico is learning to go it on his own.

When Sir Galfridus, First Knight of the Wardens, shows up on Marden’s doorstep, Nico just knows he can help the handsome knight find the perfect item to save the day.

Only one problem. The next day Sir Galfridus turns up dead. Marden’s patrons never die.That’s the whole point. They get the item and save the day. So, what went wrong?

Nico’s about to find out.

In Fair Verona is part of the Much Ado About Demons world.

Dryad Tuli Cato has 3 rules he lives by: No relationships, no drama, no trouble.

When a gorgeous incubus offers a night of no-strings passion, Tuli readily agrees. Only that no-strings
night sure feels like a lot more.

 Okay, Tuli has 2 rules he lives by: No drama, no trouble.

Being the sous chef at the most exclusive restaurant in town makes no drama a challenge. Especially when the kitchen’s in an uproar after a staff member turns up dead. Murdered.

 Um, Tuli has 1 rule he lives by: No trouble.

 Surely, he can stick to this 1 simple rule. . . except it turns out, he might be the murderer’s next target.

 Incubus Kem Balthasar has only 1 rule he lives by: Enjoy life.

 It’s a lust demon’s nature, after all. Creatures either want to be him or do him. Or maybe a bit of both.

When Kem lays eyes on a slender dryad hottie across a crowded sex club, suddenly he’s thinking of
another L-word and it’s not one he ever thought he’d feel.

Okay, Kem has 2 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli.

Convincing the skeptical dryad that Kem’s a worthy—and faithful—partner is hard enough. But it’s even harder to date a guy who might wind up dead.

Right. Kem has 3 rules he lives by: Enjoy life, romance Tuli, and keep the little dryad safe.

Easy, right?

Demon for the Win is a 40k just-one-night, fated mates, novella set in the Much Ado about Demons
world. Each book stands alone. This book contains a little black book with loads of secrets, jealous trees, night club shenanigans, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

You’d think being magically tethered to the hottest warden in all Verona wouldn’t be a hardship.

You’d be wrong.

Incubus Nico Azertiran has his dream job as a cherub-in-training. It’s the perfect position for a lust demon who’s more interested in happily-ever-afters than one-night stands. Or it would be, if he didn’t keep screwing it up. When a new cherub gadget misfires, Nico is left trussed to Verona’s most eligible warden, the incredibly grumpy, Sir Flame.

Flambeau Illume has a job to do. Someone’s murdering Verona’s rich and famous, and Sir Flame’s hot on the killer’s trail . . . until he has the misfortune to get magically lassoed to the most infuriating incubus he’s ever had the displeasure to meet. Except, maybe Nico isn’t so terribly awful. But how can he solve his case and keep Nico safe at the same time? Especially when the sweet demon seems to have a bullseye on his back.

Together they need to solve the crime, stay alive, and—if their luck changes—maybe even fall in love. Easy, right?

 Must Love Demons is a grumpy-sunshine, forced proximity MM romance with a cinnamon roll of an incubus and a grumpy phoenix shifter who find their happily-ever-after. This book is part of the Much Ado about Demons series and contains a lariat of love, cherubs who aren’t so cherubic, and a naughty demon tail with a mind of its own.