Charm City Chronicles series

Baltimore is many things, but forgiving is not on the list. Magical creatures and humans reside side-by-side, while the strongest creatures carve territories for themselves and their followers. Come join the colorful world of Baltimore where love is one of many four letter words and imperfectly perfect protagonists find their HEAs.

Can a sexy murder twink really spin straw into gold?

 I, Poe Dupin, raven shifter and thief extraordinaire, am in trouble with a capital ‘T.’ Not only did I get my wing caught in the cookie jar during my latest heist, but my loser stepdad seems determined to run
our roost into the ground. And Baltimore is many things, but forgiving is not on the list.

 When my stepdad puts the roost in peril, I see no choice but to bargain with Charm City’s only demon, Tommy Tittoti. Rumors are that Tommy eats the souls of those foolish enough to try. Three strikes and you’re out. But really, I wasn’t using my soul anyway. And if it saves my roost? Worth it.

 Tommy isn’t what I expect. Demon—huge, horned, hairy, and scary, right? Nope. Blond, gorgeous,
with a bubble butt, and a lilting drawl that beckons me to come play. Total hookup-app fantasy material. Even if he is a murder twink.

 I’m no angel, but Tommy . . . well he’s more devil than demon. Yet, I just can’t seem to keep my feathers out of the fire. As one bargain turns into two, and then a third tragedy strikes the ravens, I find myself falling for a guy who may very literally be the death of me. Or maybe the flames will burn us both.

 The Demon’s in the Details is a fast-paced, roller coaster of a romance with a guaranteed HEA and lots of steam. Shenanigans include: a gold object that is definitely not a ring, a best friend who’s trigger-happy, and a demon who’s got a few surprises up his, uh, sleeve.

When a feline fatale meets his magical match, Baltimore might just go up in flames.

 I, Carter Strike, Siamese shifter extraordinaire and a powerful demon’s right-hand cat . . .er, man, have a job to do. My boss’ boy toy is in the crosshairs of an unknown assassin. And when my boss is unhappy, all of Charm City burns.

 That’s where I come in. Intel is my specialty and leads me to the doorstep of one drop-dead gorgeous but annoyingly secretive Rakshasa.

 Bengal Damon-Cowles—even his name is obnoxious—runs South-West Baltimore and is nothing if not frustratingly contrary. I don’t care if he is a demi-god among shifters, I don’t need the complications from a sexy as sin Rakshasa with the utter gall to turn down a fine piece of feline-fantasy like myself. Especially when we’re forced to work together. Except, every day we spend in close proximity turns up the heat between us.

 A roomful of secrets, a looming Nor’Easter, and friends with questionable—or nonexistent morals, add gasoline to the blaze. As the stakes climb ever higher, and people start dying, I’ve got a cat’s chance in hell of coming out of this one unscorched.

 Cat’s Chance in Hell is a 113k
snarktastic, size difference, forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers, car-careening-out-of-control
MM romance with a guaranteed happy ending and lots of steam. Shenanigans include: a catnapping gone very, very wrong, a hot pot incident that will go down in infamy, and a Rakshasa with more layers than a Smith Island Cake.

Even though you’re just a bird, I accept you as my mate.”

 I, Abraham Williams, raven shifter extraordinaire, am not impressed. Not with the pronouncement. Not with the fated mates fairy tale. And most definitely not with sinfully sexy Michael Kashto, the arrogant dire wolf shifter in the thousand dollar suit.

 I’ve got no time for guys who look down their noses at me or think I should be grateful for scraps. I’ve come a long way from an unwanted, scared kid to a man I can be proud of and others depend on.

 When I took this job protecting a friend, I knew it would be dangerous. Accepted the risk. Only I didn’t expect the assault to target my heart instead of my body. And fellow bodyguard Michael Kashto takes no prisoners.

Forced proximity has never been so forced.

As the Raven Flies is a 30k forced proximity, fated mates, standalone romance set in the Charm City Chronicles world with a guaranteed happy ending. Shenanigans include: a raven just trying to do his
freaking job, a dire wolf with a lot of groveling to do, a sweet ghost, a trigger-happy boss, and a slightly unhealthy love of Led Zeppelin.